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Terms & Conditions

Booking Conditions/Online Reservations

When you make your reservations online you are solely responsible to read the terms of booking conditions/online reservations which shall form part and parcel of this User Agreement.

You agree to abide by the terms or conditions of purchase imposed by Sunshine Hotels & Resorts with whom you elect to deal. You understand that any violation of any such Terms of Use may result in cancellation of your reservations, in your being denied access to any hotels, in your forfeiting any monies paid for such reservations and Sunshine Hotels & Resorts debiting your account for any costs we incur as a result of such violation. You will be completely responsible for all charges, fees, duties, taxes, and assessments arising out of your use of this website, and, without limitation, you will be responsible for all charges, fees, duties, taxes, and assessments arising out of transactions performed by others on your behalf, whether or not such uses were performed with your consent.

With respect to hotel reservations and ground arrangements made directly through this website, your reservation will confirmed once you have sent an on-line confirmation and provided your credit card details, and paid the total amount due in full OR any required deposits and when we acknowledge receipt of your full payment OR deposit. In some cases an initial non-refundable deposit may be charged.

Final Payment

The balance of payment due for Your Hotel Accommodation, if any, must be paid by you before leaving the hotel.

Methods of Payment

Full or part payments for Travel Arrangements may be made either by,

  1. Bank Transfer – If paid via bank transfer, all additional charges and fees related to the transfer will be borne by you. The amount must be transferred in advance before check in, only after our accounting department confirmed the amount in the bank we can allow guest to check in.
  2. Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Union Pay)/ Debit Card – The credit card authorization form can be provided by us on your request. Please note that you have to return to us duly filled and signed credit card authorization form, either through email or fax, along with a copy of your credit card (both sides should be copied) to process the said payment. Depending on the booking payment terms, you may pay by credit or debit card at the time of arrival.
  3. Cash Payment
  4. WECHAT & ALIPAY – to enhance the overall guest experience and provide seamless travel experiences some of the hotels under Sunshine Hotels & Resorts have started accepting payment through these mobile payment technologies.
Booking Confirmation

If booking is made through the internet payment gateway, please reply to your auto generated booking confirmation email. Should you like to contact us regarding your reservation you may also email us on [email protected] or the reservation email of individual property mentioning your booking reference number, name, dates and the hotel. You can also call the individual hotels (Monday to Saturday between 9.00 am to 5.00pm. Hotel telephone numbers are provided on each individual websites, kindly click ‘Contact Us‘.

Price Policy

The price of Your Hotel Accommodation is subject to change due to reasons beyond our control such as, governmental action, currency exchange rate fluctuation and increases in suppliers’ prices etc. If the price of Your Hotel Accommodation is increased by any matters outside our control then you must either pay the additional price to us when we request it or cancel Your Hotel Accommodation in accordance with these Booking Conditions.


The rates listed on the online booking engine may vary depending on the nationality of the guest who is attempting to make a reservation through the online booking engine. Each section may have different rate structures depending on the offers available and the guest will be able to make a reservation depending on whether all the criteria’s of the booking conditions are met. If all the requested criteria’s are not met, Sunshine Hotels & Resorts has the liberty to request the guest to amend the reservation or cancel the reservation (See disputes section for more information).

Rate Changes

Different rate categories are listed on the online booking engine, regardless of the currency it is listed under or/and the offer(s) available is subject to change at the discretion of Sunshine Hotels & Resorts. Since the rates are changed /amended frequently there might be more than one rate for a given date. Once the confirmation voucher is generated through the booking engine, and provided that the booking is within the ‘no refund’ period of the cancelation policy (please see below for more information about amendments and cancellations) it is not possible to change/amend the original rate once the reservation was confirmed.

Amendments and Cancellations

While we will use our best endeavors to provide all travel arrangements as confirmed, reasonable changes in the travel arrangements may be made without notice to you if deemed necessary or advisable by us at our discretion.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of Your Hotel Accommodation must be notified to us in writing, and it will be effective from the day we receive it.

  • For cancellations received for any Non-Refund Booking – entire period of stay will be charged with no refund.
  • For cancellations received with 15 days or more notice- full payment will be refunded after deducting bank charges. (If any)
  • For cancellations received with less than 14 days’ notice is subject to one-night charge as a cancellation fee and also forfeit of deposit/half payment/full payment.
  • Failure to arrive at the hotel is subject to a 100% cancellation fee and also forfeit of deposit/half payment/full payment.
  • For cancellations received for bookings made between the period of 24th December – 10th January, Chinese New Year period and Songkran period 13 to 18 April – entire period of stay will be charged with no refund.
Changes to the Booking

Transfer between Sunshine Hotels & Resorts

In case if you wish to change your existing booking to another hotel under the Sunshine Hotels & Resorts portfolio, you’re entitled to transfer the full sum of money towards the new booking and pay the balance. You may mail your changes to [email protected] or the reservation email of individual property should you require such a service. However the excess money if any would not be refunded, instead you will be entitled to utilize it against extra expenditure at the hotel during your stay.

If the reservation amount is less than the rate of the Sunshine Hotels & Resorts you wish to be transferred too, then the balance payment must be paid by you before departure [exceptions made are at the sole discretion of Sunshine Hotels & Resorts].

Transfer of bookings among hotels is subject to availability.

Date Changes

If you wish to change the date of reservation, it can be done by sending a mail to [email protected] or the reservation email of individual property. If the online rate for the alternate reservation date(s) is less than the original rate, the excess money can be utilized against extra expenditure at the hotel during your stay. If the online rate for the alternate reservation date(s) is higher than the original rate, the balance must be paid by you before departure.

Date changes will be done subject to availability.

Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers can be arranged at favorable rates. We would require your confirmed flight details to arrange and confirm airport transfers and rates for the same. Please send the details to [email protected] or the reservation email of individual property under Sunshine Hotels & Resorts.

Overbooking Transfers

In the case where the hotel is overbooked we will request to transfer your booking to a similar or higher category hotel. You may agree to be transferred or you may cancel the booking. If you agree to be transferred, then we will do so to the best of our ability and without any additional cost. If you wish to cancel the reservation at this point, we will do so without any penalties and refund the full amount (minus any bank charges).

Best Rate Guarantee

Sunshine Hotels & Resorts guarantees to provide the lowest room rates available on the internet websites for properties owned and managed by Sunshine Hotels & Resorts.

The guest must have a confirmed reservation made through our hotel website along with the confirmation mail sent after making the online reservation will be considered as proof of reservation.

The claim must be made within 24 hours of making the reservation via [email protected] or the reservation email of individual property.

The competing rate must be an exact match to the original booking made through individual hotel website under Sunshine Hotels & Resorts (The booking must be confirmed under same booking conditions Including booking time, occupancy, meal Plan, room type, arrival & departure date etc.) same time of booking, same number of guests, same meal plan, same room type and same date of arrival and departure. This guarantee does not apply to:

  • Auction sites where the hotel name or the brand is not specified/mentioned until the booking process is finalized.
  • Websites that sell [email protected] as travel packages i.e. multiple night stays, hotel stay and car rentals, hotel stay and airfare etc.
  • Qualified discount rates including, but not limited to Travel Industry discounts, Government discounts, Senior Citizens discounts, Long stay discounts, Club discounts etc.
  • Unpublished or negotiated rates given to corporate entities, travel agents, tour operators or other discounted rates given for specific groups of people.

The best rate guarantee cannot be combined with any other offer.

Sunshine Hotels & Resorts, has the sole right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim. Sunshine Hotels & Resorts, will genuinely evaluate any claim sent and will evaluate all the terms and conditions are met. In any case of dispute, Sunshine Hotels & Resorts decision will be taken as final.

Booking (Reservation) Disputs

If a dispute arises in regards to a reservation made with any Sunshine Hotels & Resorts or a hotel managed by Sunshine Hotels & Resorts, Sunshine Hotels & Resorts as the sole authority to cancel the reservation by informing the guest via email. The reservation amount will be refunded in full minus any bank charges.

In such instances, we will ensure this is of a similar or superior standard.

Breakages and Damages

You will be responsible for any breakages, losses or damage caused by you or a member of your party during your stay in the accommodation. It is your responsibility to put right the damage or to make full payment to the hotel before departure and to indemnify us against any losses, damages or claims made against us.


Guests are responsible for compliance with all relevant regulations governing hotel accommodation. If in the opinion of our Duty Managers your behavior is disruptive or causing distress, injury or danger to other guests, our staff or any other third party, your reservation may be terminated and we shall not be responsible for any costs or claims that are incurred.


We would wish to resolve amicably any reasonable complaint that we receive relating to the standard of service or accommodation arrangements.

If your complaint cannot be resolved locally you must follow this up by writing a formal complaint letter to us within 28 days of your return home incorporating all other relevant information. It is a condition of this agreement that you communicate any problem relating to the standard of service or accommodation arrangements to the relevant authority at the Sunshine Hotels & Resorts you will be staying in. If still not resolved then follow this up with a written complaint. If you fail to follow this simple procedure we cannot accept responsibility as we have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify the matter.

Please mail your concerns to [email protected].

Information Provided by You

All information provided by you should be true and accurate. We will treat it confidentially and not forward it to any third party. We have a strict anti-fraud policy and take responsible steps to protect personal information such as credit card details.

Identification required at the time of check in

Original identification is required at the time of check in. Hotel voucher can be shown either in printed or digital form. Thai national ID or Driving License required for all Thai guests staying at Sunshine Hotels & Resorts. All foreigners need to provide original passports along with their immigration slip (T.M. 6) number.


The above terms and conditions are valid from the 01st January 2018.

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