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10 Baht touring in Pattaya…
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10 Baht touring in Pattaya…

Are you visiting Pattaya for a first time? Do you want to explore Pattaya in a Cheap, convenient transport for 24 hours a day !

You can see many dark blue colour open bus known as Songthaew. A songthaew is a converted pick up bus with two benches in the back. Approximately 12 people can seat and 4 people can stand in this Songthaew.

This Baht bus in Pattaya follow a set route. There are no bus stops, Just  flap your palm downward to stop the moving songthaew and get in the bus. Once you seat, locate the bell button  close to you. Press the bell to get off and wait for the driver to stop and pay the driver 10 baht. At 10 Baht per person within the centre of Pattaya fares are very low.

Songthaew routes

The most frequent songthaew routes in Pattaya are the  beach road route, the route to Sukhumvit road, the route to Naklua, the route to Jomtien and the Sukhumvit road route.

Songthaew and Sunshine Hotels and Resorts.

Good news to you is Songthaew connect to all Hotels of Sunshine Hotels and Resorts. At Dolphin circle diagonally you can see Sunshine Garden Resort and The Green park Resort. Once you board in taxi towards walking street, Soi 1 Just press the buzzer to get down and 2 min walk to Sunshine Hip hotel. Soi 3 Sunshine vista. Moving ahead before Central festival, you can ring the buzzer for Soi 8 Sunshine Hotel and residence. Get down at walking street to catch another songthaew toward Prathamnak for The Sunxclusive. Fare is 10 Baht per person.*

Most explored road in Pattaya: Pattaya 2nd road or Beach Road

Most tourist destinations in Pattaya are on or very near the circular route in the center of Pattaya. The route starts at the Dolphin circle toward the beach road**. From there it turns left  following Beach road to Walking Street. On this Beach Road our 3 Hotels are connected at Soi 1, Soi 3 and Soi 8. Bus then take left  on walking street just watch the direction of Bus, if it turns left it goes to North back to the Dolphin roundabout. And if turns Right  then get you to Jomtien South of Pattaya either on Pratamnak near to our Sunxclusive hotel or to the jometin end. Fare is 20 Baht per person*

Route to Naklua

To get to Naklua get  down a songthaew at the North end of the Dolphin roundabout just in front of Sunshine garden Resort. From the roundabout the songthaew travels North on Pattaya – Naklua road to Naklua beach. Fare is 10 Baht per person*.

Route to Sukhumvit road and Pattaya bus terminal

Also departing at the Dolphin roundabout is the service to Sukhumvit road and Pattaya bus terminal. Get down a songthaew on the East end of the roundabout Opposite to Sunshine garden Resort. The songthaew travels East towards Pattaya bus terminal (Pattaya Rung Ruang transport station is located near the intersection of North Pattaya road and Sukhumvit road. From here catch an air conditioned bus to Bangkok and around the country. Fare is 10 Baht per person*.) and Sukhumvit road.

Route Sukhumvit road

Sukhumvit road is the highway that intersects Pattaya North to South. It runs a few kilometres East of the beach. Get down a songthaew anywhere on Sukhumvit road to go South to Sattahip. The songthaews on this route are white, fare is 20 Baht*.

All Tuk Tuks are Not Songthaews, some are Private Songthaews looking for end to end destinations and the fares might cost between 200-300 bahts. Negotiate for price if you are big group of 10 people.


* The fare of the ride is subject to change.

**These routes are subject to change depending on the events in Pattaya.

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